Synergy CRM

Video Training Library

Fundamentals Training:

Synergy CRM new user overview
Contacts Fundamentals
How to Add a New Contact into Synergy
Dashboard Fundamentals
Marketing Fundamentals
Opportunities Fundamentals
Phone Calls Fundamentals
How to Call Inside Synergy CRM
How to customize your email signature
How to Filter Views in Opportunities
How to filter leads and create "Smart Lists" in your contacts database
How to add and use Media (images, videos, PDFs) in Synergy
How to add a custom field
How to integrate your Facebook & Google with your Synergy CRM
How to Build a Form or Survey in Synergy
How to embed a Synergy Form on website
Set up Notifications to Remind Yourself of Upcoming Appointments
How to Export Your Contacts into a Spreadsheet
How to access your Synergy CRM from your phone
Why Your Synergy Might Not Match Up to the Training Videos
How to Create Task Reminders for Yourself
How to Book Appointments From the Contacts Database
What Specific Automation Has Been Added to Your Synergy Account
Workflow Recipes - Where to find them, and how they can be used

Calendar Integration:

How to Create a Calendar
How to Customize Your Calendar
How to Set Up Your Scheduler Within the Synergy CRM
How to Integrate Google Account
How to Create a 2nd Calendar in your Synergy CRM
How to Create "Custom Values" for each Calendar you Create

Campaign Basic Training:

How to Create Your Own Campaign in Synergy CRM
How to Stop a Lead From Receiving More Autoresponders
How to Find the Autoresponder Campaigns in SynergyCRM
How to Quality Check your Campaigns to Make Sure They Are Working Properly
How to Record Your Voice Mail Messages Using FREE Online Recording Software
How to Create MP3 Voicemail Audio on a Mac Computer
How to set up a Synergy voicemail
How to create a new Pipeline
How to Assign a Pipeline to a Specific Team Member
How to Move People from One Stage of a Pipeline to Another (Easier than Drag & Drop)
Adding Your Signature Before Sending An Email
How to Send Broadcast Email/Text Messages
How to send bulk emails
How to create a simple workflow to send bulk SMS messages
How to Add and Remove Tags
How To Test a Campaign on Yourself Before Launching it

Realtor Attraction Campaign:

The New and Improved RAC - How to edit your Synergy to align your campaign with the new one
How to Create a Spreadsheet of Realtor Prospects Using Excel
How to Upload Your Realtor Prospect Spreadsheet Into Best Life CRM
Realtor Attraction - How to set up and launch from Synergy
How to Select the Realtors and Start the Realtor Attraction Campaign
How to Upload Your Voice Mail Messages Into Your Realtor Attraction Campaign
How to Create a Spreadsheet of Realtor Prospects Using Google Sheets
How to check on your RAC after you've launched

Additional Campaign Training:

How to Duplicate a Campaign
Done4U Lead Follow-Up Orientation
How to Set Up Your Refi to Save Campaign:
How to Set Up Your Annual Mortgage Review Campaign
How to launch your Dead Lead Resurrection campaign
Dead Lead Resurrection - How to Launch when you have version 2 of Synergy
How to Set Up the Dead Lead Resurrection Campaign for More than One Realtor
Dead Lead Resurrection - Where to find and stay on top of leads in the Opportunities pipeline
How To Add a Voicemail Drop to the DLR campaign
DLR - How to Launch when you have version 2 of Synergy
How to Launch Post-Closing Campaign, Before Pre-Approval Campaign, After Pre-Approval Campaign